Thoughts and Helps

A place to write free-flowing thoughts (or fragments of thoughts) that we hope will be helpful...

*Worth Remembering posts are the words of men and women we have found to be worthwhile, that's why we're posting them. :) But they are not God's Word, and so do not carry the authority it does. Please enjoy them for what they are... encouraging words by people. :)


*Creative Treasurings refers to the different formats used for our Bible studies and Refreshings


*All definitions of words, all phrases, in 'This Will Characterize a Christian' come from Bible dictionaries (see partial list on the What is This? page)


*Jehovah Compounds are Hebrew words found in the Old Testament in conjunction with YHWH (LORD, GOD). They are not God's names but are usually actions of His which are used as adjectives to describe Him or a facet of His character. They are commonly given as titles for Him, and have been personalized on here.

Note: we've found variations in the spelling of the words in both the original Hebrew and the anglicized versions.


*Many of the sentences (especially Bible verses) on this blog are put into one thought or phrase per line. This helps understanding and retention of the sentences.

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