Jehovah Compounds

Jehovah Nissi

the LORD is my Banner (Ex 17:15)

this kind of banner is usually associated with the military and battles / war

as I am under God's banner I am given victories (often miraculous)



banner = a standard, a military ensign, a flag - sign - symbol on a pole
it has an insignia attached (declaring who's command we're under)
it is to be focused upon (during battles) and God (through it) gives us hope

Moses built an altar and named it 'Jehovah Nissi'
when God gave the Israelites victory over the enemy

God leads us into battles today for us to fight
(they are orchestrated for His glory and our good)
He gathers us to Himself (as our Commander) and under His Banner
we prepare (and are prepared by God) to march into battles to defeat enemies
and (accurately and persuasively) declare God's Gospel (good news)
He gives the victories

these battles test our hearts to see if we'll stand in the fear of God

JESUS (the prophesied Messiah) is our Banner (ensign)

based on Ex 17:15; Ps 60:4; Is 11:10

(see explanation of 'Jehovah Compounds' in Thoughts and Helps above)

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